Advanced Searching - Search Fields

This section contains some examples of the query syntax that can be used to find CEDAR artifacts by field name and/or value.

Finding metadata instances by field name and/or field value

Suppose the following metadata instance:

Examples of queries that will retrieve the instance above:

  • Search by field name and value:


    publisher:"City of New York"

    "publishing institution":"City of New York" (note that ‘Publishing Institution’ has been defined in the template as the preferred label of the field ‘Publisher’)

  • Search by field name (any value):

    publisher:*, or publisher:

  • Search by field value (any name):

    *:"New York", or :"New York"

  • Boolean queries:

    title:Statistics OR title:Math (the OR is optional)

    title:(Statistics OR Math)

    title:Math OR (title:Statistics AND publisher:"New York")

    Dataset OR disease:CRC

  • Wildcard queries:

    • One or more characters: title:stat*

    • Single character: title:stat?stics

  • URLs:


  • Ontology terms:

    • Search by term label: topic:statistics

    • Search by term URI: topic:

    • Search by term label and URI: topic: AND topic:data

Finding templates, elements, and fields, by field name

Given the template for the previous instance:

Here are some examples of queries that can be used to find the template above:

title:*, or simply title:


"Contact Email":


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