CEDAR for caDSR Users

The target audience for this section is end users of the caDSR Form Builder application.

The intent of this section is to help end users of the caDSR Form Builder learn how to accomplish the same type of tasks, e.g., building forms with questions/CDEs, in the CEDAR Workbench.

The caDSR Form Builder and CEDAR Workbench use different naming conventions to describe the various components in their systems. The following table offers a translation:

caDSR Form Builder CEDAR Workbench
common data element (CDE) field
data element field
question field
classification category
classification scheme category
classification scheme item category
context category
form template
module element
permissible values values

To get started with any of the following topics, navigate to the CEDAR Workbench and log in to your account. If you need instructions for creating an account, please refer to the “Accounts and Logging In” section of the user guide.

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